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A few months ago my wife asked me if I noticed that all three of our grandchildren to be sick more than once proved to be. In retrospect, I had to admit he was right, we asked what has changed in their environment is probably increased due to sick leave.

The children attend the same school, played with the same friends had the same animal, but the family had moved. The houses were quite similar, and only a few blocks away, but the new house had a carpet and a courtyard much much larger.

Could it be that the tapestries were the problem?

Our daughter has a house pretty clean and sucks on a regular basis, but with three children, a cat, a big dog and a man walks in the house, no friends of several children, who always pop, and made impossible to call smooth.

Since I write about products related to health a part of my life, of course, I have the task of exploring other a possible correlation between the belt and child health. I was particularly interested to know if there is a relationship between asthma and carpet cleaning is prone than others to our girls for some asthma attacks severe enough.

My reading of research papers and other materials of carpet manufacturer and detergents clearly shows that the carpets are known to act as a sink of soil bacteria, molds and fungi, so there is a distinct possibility, at least some of the diseases of children born on the causes carpet.

I discovered that in many studies, the powder room or home, pesticides, solvents and other carcinogens.

Health problems such as asthma, headaches, coughing, lack of sleep and breathing have been reported with dirty carpet is connected, the typical dust found in homes and hotel rooms, it has been shown , one of the most toxic substances in the human body is regularly exposed.

When we discussed my findings with our daughter complained that her carpets were clean, they have sucked at least once a week and just too expensive carpet professionally cleaned as troubling was his house.

After my wife pointed out that seem to be comfortable and carpets at home, but in Australia, where they usually live a life style indoor / outdoor, lots of dirt is always done in bits of the fall of food, hit the dirt and pet hair off the carpet laid on nice and clean.

But after a while, “he decided that perhaps the old man had a point and was looking for carpet cleaning options. What do you do in the pros appeal to fear than once year, but more often it is simply impossible in their budget, they decided to try a carpet cleaning machine of the local grocery store for rent.

She said that these machines are surprisingly easy to use, does not last long, and carpets quickly, so arrive on time for school children, there is no visible moisture and odor to create drier. Best of all, the cost is reasonable, because she and her friend for hours together to rent a car and clean the carpets in their homes the same day, so they are able to do this every 6 weeks or so .

End result: the absence of children from school due to illness were dramatically to the point where the level of the disease has returned to what it was in the house she lived less

Be a word of caution, some carpet cleaning materials that cause health problems, a careful choice of chemicals used sweeper.